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Lucien Gautrait Art Nouveau Plique A Jour Pendant

Plique a Jour Art Nouveau Pendant by French Designer Lucien Gautrait (1865-1937) who’s iconic pieces are compared to Faberge 🐣🪺 Gautrait mostly created pendants and brooches and occasionally bracelets.

🗾 The Art Nouveau Art Movement arose after the year 1853, when United States Commodore Matthew Perry intimidated Japan into opening its borders after 200 years of isolation. The world experienced Japanese Art that was not just in jewelry but in kitchen appliances, furniture, portraits and apparel.

Art Nouveau Jewelry Designers experimented and dazzled with curved lines, Enamel (especially the Green and Blue variety), Semi Precious Stones and of course NATURAL PEARLS. Natural Pearls were one of the most valued stones for 1000’s of Years🗿

Art Nouveau Ended with The Art Deco Movement (1915-1939) which looked to The Industrial Revolution 🚂 as Inspiration of Efficient Design and Master Craftsmanship, not to say that Art Nouveau Jewelers were anything less.