Looking for unique jewelry for your trunk show? The Rodriguez Family would love to take your show to the next level with jewelry ranging from the 18th Century to modern times. Ready to create a vintage jewelry showcase in your store? We love starting estate cases and educating on the history of jewelry eras and the styles and influences of the times. Interested in selling an estate and/or getting an appraisal? Rodriguez & Sons will offer you fair market prices for your jewelry, and provide expert appraisal services from GIA trained professionals.

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Modern Handmade Jewelry

Modern Handmade Jewelry

Made in the 21st Century and by Hand Buying prices are listed.... 

Victorian Jewelry

Victorian Jewelry

Jewelry produced during Queen Victoria's reign (1837-1901) Buying prices are listed. Consignment... 

The Master Craftsmanship Jewelry Era

The vast majority of jewelry stores supply customers with rings, bracelets and earrings constructed with casting and/or machines like 3D printers finished with a jeweler's touch. This causes jewelry in modern jewelry stores to look the same. Casting took off after the end of World War II. While a greater quantity of jewelry can be made with improved technology, uniqueness and Wow Factor is often lost in the process.

Antique and Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry was mainly made by hand by master craftsmen/women up to the end of the Retro Era (Late 1930s-1940s). Therefore, every piece is unique and many are small Works of Art. Why spend a large amount of money, such as on an engagement ring, if what you're buying is not special enough to be One of a Kind?

A timeframe of weeks to months was the normal timeframe for a single piece of jewelry to be created during the Handmade Era. This is one of the reasons Rodriguez & Sons loves antique and vintage jewelry; we are astounded and humbled by the patience, love and expertise invested into a single piece the width of one inch.